When you start buulding Gunpla,.. you start looking for a way of doing it… and i already dicovered mine… 

This “japanese” way of doing it, with flawless paintjobs, very small detais all over the kits, perfect decal placement and that super matte finish is my way of Gunpla… 

RG 1/44 RX-78-2 / MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Proto Zero / MG 1/100 Tallgeese by - : Mat

When it comes to the Strike Freedom, resin parts are normally the way to go if you want to give this kit a new level in detail… but sometimes you just have to keep it clean and simple… and maybe with a few more decals Katoki Style! :P

1/100 Master Grade Strike Freedom by Zero Gravity Studio 

HG 1/144 Nemo Desert Type ( Unicorn ) by Virgis 

Starting a HG Jesta project soon… 

Clean look and decals… love the buils of this modeller… my kind of gunpla! :P

1/144 High Grade Jesta by Kenta

Japanese modeling at its finest… the modifications done to this MG Hi-Nu Gundam just made him look so much better and streamlined then the original MG… truly inspiring work coming from Japan… just love it… 

1/100 Master Grade Hi-Nu Gundam modelled by Takezou


"The MS-06F2 Zaku II F2 Type was an upgraded and improved version of the original MS-06F Zaku II, introduced in the middle of the One Year War because the original F-Type Zaku II was becoming outdated with the newer, more powerful Zaku variants, and later the more efficient MS-09B Dom and MS-14A Gelgoog mobile suit lines."

Modeled by Utan1985

When it comes to Wing Gundam, my favorite is definitely the Katoki version, mostly because of the colors the kit has and the more mechanical wings… but i have to admit that the HG 1/144 version of the Wing Gundam is becoming a mUst have for me… much more after seeing this build… 

High Grade After Colony ( HGAC ) 1/144 Wing Gundam by Saiyan59 


Osaka Gundams

More Gundam | More Places

(via call-gespenst)

1/100 MG Tallgeese EW by Mat

manly tears… ;__; 

1/100 Master Grade MSN-06S Sinanju aka “Red Comet" by AkUCHI2009

1/100 MG V Gundam ( Custom Build ) by GunplaISM

Sandrock needs more love! <3 

1/100 Master Grade Sandrock Endless Waltz Version ( Ver.Ka ) by Takeda

This Sandrock made by Takeda from Plaview just gets my Gunpla mojo up in the atmosphere!! 

A flawless paintjob and all that nice detailing throughout the whole MS… really good build overall. 


Jegan is probably my favorite MS from UC, even if we have Unicorn or Sinanju… :P

Jegan deserves more love… <3

HGUC 1/144 Jegan Type D / Ecoas Type by virginia_s 

Has a Seed fan i must say… this new Master Grade representation of the Strike Gundam is really a very cool looking model…

mine is already on is way here and i can´t wait to start building and painting him! :D


1/100 Master Grade Strike Gundam Remaster Version by Schorst

This build is just F@CKING AMAZING!! :O

The attention to detail and the matte paintjob ( matte <3 ) are very very good… 

1/100 MG SInanju OVA Version by ALWEN99